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Commercial Analysis

Faculty of Chemistry of Wroclaw University offers great variety of commercial analysis.

Laboratory of Elemental Analysis

Following analysis are offered:
- Quantititive analysis of C, H, N and S
- Quantititive analysis of Cl, Br, S and P by means of Schoeninger’s method
- Quantitative and qualitative analysis of metals
- Quantitative analysis of metals by means of ICP-OES technique
- Quantitative analysis of As, Se, Sb, Sn and Pb at the ppb level

Contact: mgr Marta Osińska: +48 71 375 73 20; marta.osinska@chem.uni.wroc.pl

Laboratory of Electron Paramagnetric Resonance

Following analysis and investigations are offered:
- Qualitative measurements in the X (9.5 MHz) band at room and liquid nitrogen temperatures
- Quantitative measurements with the use of standards
- Measurements in the range of -150-100 °C
- Special condition measurements: Q band (about 35 GHz) at room temperature, X and Q bands in the range of 4-300 K upon irradiation with UV photons

Contact: dr Agnieszka Lewińska: +48 71 375 73 24; agnieszka.lewinska@chem.uni.wroc.pl

Laboratory of Infrared Spectroscopy

Following standard measurements are offered:
- Transmission spectra in the 4000-200 cm-1 range
- Transmission spectra in the far IR 750-100 cm-1
- Reflection spectra with ATR technique
- Reflection spectra with DRIFT technique

Contact: dr hab. Maria Wierzejewska: +48 71 375 73 32; maria.wierzejewska@chem.uni.wroc.pl

Laboratory of X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis

This laboratory offers measurements and analysis of monocrystals and polycrystalline samples with the use of Mo or Cu radiation.  Standard measurements are performed at 100-300 K.  Polycrystalline materials offers measurements upo to 1600 °C.

Contact: dr Miłosz Siczek: +48 71 375 73 38; milosz.siczek@chem.uni.wroc.pl

Laboratory of Electron Microscopy

Following types of measurements are offered using transmission and scanning electron spectroscopy:
- Morphology images of micrometric and nanometric materials
- Selected Area Electron Diffraction
- Chemical analysis of compositions
- Element mapping

Contact: Prof. dr hab. Eugeniusz Zych: +48 71 375 72 48; eugeniusz.zych@chem.uni.wroc.pl, dr Wojciech Gil: +48 71 375 71 28; wojciech.gil@chem.uni.wroc.pl

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